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The UEA Effect

A couple of weeks ago, I found myself reading the most recent offering from a UEA Creative Writing graduate – Seldom Seen by Sarah Ridgard – and was once again dumbfounded by the impeccable style, the crisp command of language and the continually fantastic plots which come gushing from the proverbial pen of UEA. In … Continue reading »

Secularist Militancy

Those of us who oppose the intervention of faith in matters of public significance have been dismissed as “militant” for years. It has never been a great concern. On the contrary, it has often amused me. In this context, “militant” is a word which neatly expresses a unique blend of ignorance, denial and paucity of … Continue reading »

Life and Death in North Korea

Describing every citizen of the country as “property”, under the “ownership” of the ruling family, the late Christopher Hitchens observed that “the slave owner historically promises, in effect, at least to keep his slaves fed. In North Korea, this compact has been broken.” The accusation of slavery might appear a little terse here, but it … Continue reading »

Are you there Publishing? It’s me, Alice

Publishing: An Impenetrable Industry? Last week I spent my Friday evening with a gaggle of publishing students and ‘Stationers’ at the opulent Stationers Hall, tucked away beside St. Pauls Cathedral and just far enough away to escape the potent stench of the camp. The occasion was debate – an event titled ‘On the Job or … Continue reading »

Spelling It Out

Over the last two days, since my publication of this article attacking the thread of outright antisemitism within the Occupy Norwich movement, some people have questioned my judgement. Is it genuinely antisemitic to assert that the Goldmans, the Lehmans, the Rothschilds, the Warburgs and the Lazards control – in circumstances shrouded in “mystery” – more … Continue reading »

The Antisemitism of Occupy Norwich

Looking into the Occupy Norwich movement earlier this week, my attention was drawn to an article on its Facebook page, swallowed whole by some and actively endorsed by others, titled: “The Large Families That Rule The World”. This link, a translation from the Russian newspaper Pravda, seeks to illustrate common shareholders between many of the … Continue reading »

Racism Without Race

Those who claim that the torrent of aggressive language directed towards the residents of Dale Farm over the last month is not racist ought to ask themselves two questions. Are they so sure that it isn’t racist? If they are, from where did this eagerness come to participate in an unapologetically bigoted discussion, the tone … Continue reading »

The Resurgence of Antisemitism

Over the last thousand years, antisemitism has been the world’s most chilling paradox: never going away, yet always coming back, entailing a blend of distrust, libel, hatred, violence and, of course, murder against the Jewish people. Of the twentieth century’s great crime against the Jewish people, what hasn’t already been said? The thread of antisemitism … Continue reading »

9/11: Paranoia, Fear & Hatred

In the week approaching the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, vehement disputes are returning over the origins of the atrocities. Congratulations are due to the BBC, which last week idiotically broadcast ‘The Conspiracy Files’, a documentary which sought to disprove the conspiracy theories with cold reasoning, only to end up giving airtime to such dismal … Continue reading »

9/11: Implacable Hatred

“No warning, no demands, no negotiation.” Tony Blair had to clarify this in his autobiography, such was the difference of this new form of terrorism to acts which had preceded it. Martin Amis summarised al-Qaeda’s message superbly: “America, it is time you learned how implacably you are hated.” As pithily written as this is, though, … Continue reading »


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