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Importance of Author Marketability

A report produced by the Publishing Association showed that 151,956 books were published in the UK in 2010 - a figure which has increased by 40,000 in the space of just ten years. This figure will continue to rise dramatically in the coming years, with the onset of ebooks, the growth of print-on-demand and self-publishing … Continue reading »

Faith, Atheism & Morality

Alex Irving and I have been extremely firm friends since meeting at UEA - though where I would be delighted to see an end to religious faith - in the public sphere, at least - Alex, as a student of theology in London, holds rather an oppositional point of view. This is the first of … Continue reading »

Christopher Hitchens: In Celebration

“You must feel”, wrote Christopher Hitchens, on the subject of motivation for writing in his magnificent Letters to a Young Contrarian, “not that you want to but that you have to.” This admirable principle, it appears, has applied to Hitchens on an almost daily basis throughout his lifetime; I hope it is an appropriate, though certainly very small, testimonial … Continue reading »